How BESREMi® Helps


How BESREMi® Helps

BESREMi® was studied in a broad range of patients with PV

A clinical study of BESREMi® in adults diagnosed with PV looked at efficacy (how much it helped), dosing, and safety.

Patients were included regardless of:

  • History of cardiovascular events
  • Prior treatment with hydroxyurea (HU), a type of chemotherapy

Of the patients who took BESREMi® in the clinical study:


Age range


Treated with HU


Had a previous thrombotic event

BESREMi® showed:

Meaningful outcomes

positive outcomes

6 out of 10 achieved

Complete hematologic response (CHR)

  • Blood cell counts returned to a normal level
  • No phlebotomy in the past 2 months
  • Normal spleen size
  • No thrombotic events
positive outcomes mobile

8 out of 10 achieved

Normal blood cell counts

  • Blood cell counts (red, white, and platelets) returned to a normal level

Long-term results

Complete hematologic response (CHR) was maintained over 7.5 years.

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